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Indiana Commerce Secretary Mitch Roob '83 Sees Chinese Investment in US Rising

January 25, 2011

90080January 25, 2011, Greencastle, Ind. — When it comes to China investing in the United States, "I think you'll see that change quite a bit in the next five years, it'll be much higher," predicts Mitch Roob, Indiana's Secretary of Commerce and 1983 graduate of DePauw University. He tells McClatchy Newspapers, "The kinds of investments they're talking to us about in Indiana alone are in the hundreds of millions of dollars." (top image from TV's Inside Indiana Business)

The story by Kevin G. Hall notes, "China holds almost $1 trillion in U.S. government bonds, but it has made only modest investments in the nuts and bolts of the U.S. economy ... Roob's made several trips to China and recently helped an Indiana manufacturer of artificial hips and knees purchase a Chinese company."

"Four out of five days, I've got at least one China 1163meeting," adds Roob, who is CEO of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

You'll find the complete story -- "Think China has big stake in U.S. business? Not yet" -- at the website of the Miami Herald.

E. Mitchell Roob Jr. provided the silver anniversary address to fellow members of the Class of 1983 at 2008's Alumni Reunion Weekend. A summary, including an MP3 file of Roob's speech, can be found in this story.