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Loan Programs

Borrowing to meet the costs of a college education can be a wise investment, but it is important to understand terms and conditions.

Find details about loan programs and the loan application process by navigating through the left menu.  Unlike other financial aid programs, loans require additional steps such as request forms and promissory notes.  If you cannot find what you need on this website, please contact the Financial Aid Office.  If you have received a loan and wish to decline it, simply send your request in an email to

Loan programs are administered by two separate offices at DePauw. 

The Financial Aid Office 

Located at 204 East Seminary, the Financial Aid Office is responsible for awarding and confirming eligibility for ALL student loans. This office works with the federal government and private lenders to certify, originate and disburse Federal Direct Stafford and Federal Direct PLUS loans as well as private/alternative loans.

The Student Loan Office

Located in the Administration Building at 313 South Locust, the Student Loan Office is responsible for issuing promissory notes and managing disbursement for the Federal Perkins loan and all institutional loans. This office also counsels student borrowers on all issues concerning repayment and deferment. Repayment counseling is available to both current and former students.