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Hop Hornbeam


Family: Betulaceae, birch family
Genus, species: Ostrya virginiana

Leaves are oblong, ovate. Leaf edges are doubly-toothed. Leaf veins branch several times between center and edge of leaf. Leaves look similar to leaves of Ironwood.

Bark is scaly, rough, becomes more shredded on older trees. Also known as "catscratch" because bark looks like a cat scratching post. Ironwood, in comparison, has smooth bark.

Male and female flowers are separate but on same tree (monoecious). Male flowers are greenish, 2 to 4 inches long, hang in narrow cylindrical clusters. Female flowers are reddish-green, 1 to 2 inches long, hang in narrow clusters. Flowers are produced before leaves emerge.

Fruits are brown hanging clusters. Each fruit is composed of multiple flat papery sacs.

Seeds are nutlets, enclosed within brown papery sacs.

More Information:

The common name, hop hornbeam, refers to the resemblance of the tree's fruit to hops.  The genus name Ostrya is from the Greek for "hard," referring to the hard wood of the tree.  The species name, virginiana, literally  means "from Virginia."