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Red Oak

Family:  Fagaceae, beech family
Genus, species:  Quercus rubra 

Leaves have 7 to 11 deep wavy lobes. Leaves are narrower and more deeply lobed than Black Oak.

Bark is dark gray, rough, furrowed. Bark ridges have shiny vertical stripes down the center. Vertical stripes run all the way down the trunk. Almost looks like a gentleman’s striped trousers. Inner bark is reddish

Separate male and female flowers on same tree (monoecious). Female flowers borne on catkins. Male flowers born on spikes.

Acorns are 1 inch long, round. Acorns require 2 years to reach maturity, ripen in fall.

More Information:

The genus name Quercus is from the Latin for "oak" and the species name rubra is from the Latin for "red."