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Multiflora Rose


Family: Rosaceae, rose family
Genus species: Rosa multiflora

Leaves are compound with 5 to 9 leaflets per leaf. Leaf edges are finely toothed. Long leafy stipules are attached to lower portions of leaf stalks.

Flowers are pink, produced in clusters, look like small roses.

Rose fruits, also known as "hips", are reddish or purple.

Multiflora Rose is a non-native and invasive plant. It is native to Asia and was introduced to the United States for use as rootstock for ornamental roses. During the 20th century, it was promoted by the government as a “living fence.” Millions of seedlings were distributed to farmers and planted. It quickly became established and is now classified as a noxious weed. It forms impenetrable thickets that interfere with establishment and growth of native plant species.

More Information:

Rosa is from the Latin for "rose."  The species name, multiflora, is from the Latin for "many-flowered."