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False Sunflower


Family – Asteraceae, aster family
Genus species – Heliopsis helianthoides

Leaves are large, ovate, coarsely serrated on edges, usually dark green, with a rough texture.

Flowers are daisy-like, large, yellow. Each flower grows singly on top of a tall stem. Each flower head is a composite, composed of multiple disc and ray flowers. Disc flowers are in the center of the flower head. Ray flowers are the "petals" of the daisy around the perimeter of the flower head.

More Information:

Sunflowers are in the aster family, Asteraceae.  Aster is from the Greek for "star," in reference to the radial arrangement of flowers in the flower heads.  The genus name Heliopsis is from the Greek for "sun-like."  The species name helianthoides is from the Latin for “like the sunflower.”