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Asian Bush Honeysuckle


Family:  Caprifoliaceae
Genus, species:  Lonicera maackii 

Leaves are oval, 2 to 3 inches long, 1 inch wide, with untoothed edges.

Flowers are produced in pairs, 1 inch long, white or yellow, produce sweet nectar.

Fruit is a bright red berry, contains numerous seeds. Birds readily disperse seeds by eating fruit.

Honeysuckle is a non-native and invasive plant species. Forms dense thickets in forest understory, outcompetes native plants. Native to China, Japan, Korea, and southeastern Russia. Grown in the United States as an ornamental plant.

More Information:

The genus name Lonicera is named for Adam Lonitzer, a 16th century German physician and botanist.  The species name maackii is named for Richard Maack, a 19th century Russian naturalist.