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Appendaged Waterleaf


Family:  Boraginaceae, forget-me-not family
Genus species:  Hydrophyllum appendiculatum 

Leaves are large, palmately lobed.

Flowers are ½ inch wide with five lavender petals. Stamens are long, extend outside of the flower petals. Blooms during mid-spring, in May.

More Information:

Plant is a biennial, takes two years to reach maturity.  During the first year, the plant consists of a basal group of green leaves.  During the second year, the plant produces taller stems, more leaves, and flowers.

Flowers look similar to Fernleaf Phacelia (Phacelia bipinnatifida), but leaves are different.  Leaves of Appendaged Waterleaf are palmately lobed (like a palm) and leaves of Fernleaf Phacelia are pinnately lobed (like a feather).