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Faces of DePauw

Craig Paré Faculty

The relationship with our students doesn’t end with commencement; it is merely a beginning.

A Collaborative Approach

I love that our students come to classes and rehearsals hungry to learn and, when challenged, respond creatively, intellectually and enthusiastically, … then want more! In my 28 years teaching at DePauw, there has never been a year when the students, through their own creativity and personal initiative, failed to challenge me to do my best as a conductor, coach, classroom teacher or mentor.

At DePauw, we challenge and nourish the whole student, not simply prepare them for a job. Anyone can feed students the information and answers that will help them land a job. DePauw helps its students set their course for a future career and life through personal mentoring, a collaborative approach to teaching and advising students and holding them accountable for their own educational growth. 

When our students earn a DePauw degree, they are unlocking a future of unlimited potential, as well as one of continued support by our exceptional faculty. The relationship with our students doesn’t end with commencement; it is merely a beginning. Just look at the uncommon success of our graduates.

Being no different from my many other wonderful DePauw colleagues, I hold our students to high standards and expectations and want to see them succeed during and beyond their education at DePauw. 

In music classes and rehearsals specifically, I insist that our students bring their ideas and opinions about the music that means the most to them. They also are expected to set high standards for themselves, to improve and refine their technical side so that each rehearsal, each performance (after all, anytime you pick up your instrument or raise your voice, it is a performance) is better and more mature than the one before.  The discipline of growth, of charting your own course toward the future and of making positive decisions toward your personal goals all lead to a successful adult life.