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Faces of DePauw

Evan Steffy ’25 Student

The connections you make at DePauw will outlive the four years you spend here.

Exploration through liberal arts

Being from the Greencastle area, DePauw has always been present in my life. I knew I wanted a smaller college and I loved (and still do love) liberal arts colleges for their rigorous academics, varied perspectives and, above all, the opportunity to write your own story.

Initially, I came to DePauw in the dual degree engineering pathway – wanting not a locked down pathway but rather one in which I could explore academia. The more I went through my DePauw journey, I realized through exploration where my passion and interests lie, which was in our athletics department. Without a dedicated major, I thought about moving through communication, economics or a new business pathway but realized, I could pull them all together.

Thus, all I had to do was just ask, and after several meetings with several professors in all three areas of study, I took a leap of faith in declaring my interdisciplinary major in athletics administration. 

I am grateful that DePauw has provided many experiences to add to my portfolio and all I have had to do is just ask to be given the opportunity. During my first two years, I worked in event operations on game days for various sports. In my junior and senior years, I am working with Stevie Baker-Watson, director of athletics, in various areas of intercollegiate athletics. She is also helping me seek out opportunities outside of the academic year. In addition, Tracy Menzel, head swimming and diving coach, has been very supportive of me wanting to learn more since I declared my major. I’ve been able to see some of the inner workings of my program while also reaching higher competitively in the sport I love.

As a student-athlete, I have learned strategies to keep organized. I have found that using my calendar is an important strategy to be successful. I put everything on it from swim practices to final exam times. In addition, being willing to ask for help when needed from teammates, friends, coaches, professors or others who are in my support network has been very helpful. However, there are times when I simply need my alone space to get work done and people are respectful of that. But, beyond that, being willing to take a break, willing to go play a game of ultimate frisbee, or willing to go watch a movie and relax gives me a renewed sense of satisfaction and allows me to focus more when it is go time for writing that next paper or tackling the next set or racing in a meet.

The connections you make at DePauw will outlive the four years you spend here. Through various organizations, I’ve been able to connect to many alumni who are not only individuals I look up to but who are willing to help me seek internships, provide experiences and leverage other connections to give opportunities. 

Major: Independent Interdisciplinary major in athletics administration
Minor: classical civilization
Hometown: Cloverdale, IN
Campus Involvement: DePauw Swimming and Diving Team, First-Year Mentor, Lilly Scholars Network, Environmental Fellow, Athletic Events Staff
Internships: Camp Counselor at Total Performance Swim Camps, Programs and Event Operations Intern at Indiana Swimming, Inc., Athletics Administration Intern for DePauw Athletics