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Faces of DePauw

Kyle Smitley ‘07 Alumni

My experiences at DePauw shaped my outlook on my role in society.

Social Change Agent

Kyle Smitley launched an organic children’s clothing line at age 23, just a year out of DePauw. Inspired by service trips to El Salvador and Belize during her time in college, she earmarked half her profits for charitable causes – and the world took note. Inc. magazine listed her among its 30 “coolest entrepreneurs under 30.” Forbes called her a top 10 entrepreneur to watch. And then Smitley sold her company. She has since used her entrepreneurial expertise to build two successful charter schools in Detroit that aim to develop the next generation of community leaders and change makers.

"My time in college was filled with volunteering at the local children's hospital and service trips to Central America. Those experiences shaped my outlook on my role in society, and they certainly played a huge role in my chosen career and life paths.”

Position: Entrepreneur, Detroit Achievement Academy Founder
Majors: Philosophy and Environmental Science Minors: Spanish and Chemistry