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Faces of DePauw

Marwa Aarab ’26 Student

A liberal arts education at DePauw will strengthen my critical thinking skills and connect perfectly with my medical career goals.

Enriching a Global Perspective

As an international student keen on medicine and research, I chose DePauw University after careful examination. My decision was influenced significantly by the university’s outstanding academic reputation and emphasis on undergraduate research. I believe that a liberal arts education at DePauw will strengthen my critical thinking skills and connect perfectly with my medical career goals. The possibility to conduct hands-on research as an undergraduate is especially interesting to me because it would allow me to make a significant contribution to the scientific community.

As a foreign student, the university’s commitment to diversity and inclusion resonates deeply with me, providing a rich learning experience and developing global perspectives, both of which are essential in the medical field. Furthermore, DePauw’s emphasis on community engagement is consistent with my values, since I believe in giving back and making a positive difference in society. The tranquil and supportive ambiance of the school also drew me in, establishing a sense of belonging and facilitating academic and extracurricular endeavors.

 Several factors affected my decision to pursue a minor in Global French Studies and I am confident that this academic path will be critical in helping me achieve my future academic and employment goals.

First and foremost, my passion for the French language and culture has been a major motivator. I was intrigued by the beauty and richness of the French language, as well as its cultural contributions to the globe, from a young age as a North African woman who grew up speaking French and Arabic together. Global French Studies will allow me to stay in touch with the language, literature, history, and present challenges of the Francophone world, allowing me to have a better knowledge and respect for its global significance.

The program’s interdisciplinary aspect was decisive as well. Global French Studies blends linguistics, literature, history, politics, and international relations to provide a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the global Francophone community which I am part of. This multidisciplinary viewpoint will provide me with varied skills and knowledge that will allow me to pursue a variety of career pathways in international relations, diplomacy, translation, or cultural exchange.

The connection I established with my French professor, Ms. Cheira Lewis, was one of the most profoundly significant experiences and relationships I have had at DePauw. I sensed there was something exceptional about her teaching approach and genuine concern for her students the instant I stepped into her classroom. She has been a constant source of encouragement and support, sticking by my side through every single trial and triumph.

Major: Global Health
Minor: Global French studies
Hometown: Casablanca, Morocco
Campus involvement: Sister of the Alpha Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta; vice president of Moroccan Students organization; member of the Minority Association of Pre-Med/Health students; and event coordinator of South Asian Students’ Association.