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STEM Guide Hours

The STEM Guide program is part of the Growing Inclusive Excellence in STEM initiative funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Inclusive Excellence Grant. Peer STEM Guides attend introductory science and math classes. The Guides help with activities during class and see the materials being covered.Each Guide then holds evening office hours in Julian Auditorium as shown below.

fall 2023 STEM Guide Hours

Office Hours in JULIAN 147 (unless stated otherwise)



ClassGuide NameMTWThSUN
Bio101 Thanh Nguyen 7:00-9:00 pm   8:30-10:00pm     
Bio101 Maheen Mirza   7:00-9:00 pm      7:00-9:00pm
Bio102 Jacob Padilla  7:00-9:00pm    8:30-10:00pm    


ClassGuide NameMTWThSUN
Chem120 Jade Karas         5:00-7:00pm (JUL 372) 
Chem120 Ellen Trautman    8:00-9:00pm (JUL 372)  7:00-8:30pm  
Chem120 Daniel Martin       7:00-8:00pm 7:00-8:30pm
Chem130 Ethan Beaupré  7:00-9:00pm       7:00-8:30pm 
Chem130 Joel Thompkins        8:00-10:30pm  
Chem170 Sebastian Manrique       8:30-10:30pm 8:00-10:00pm
Chem240 Emma Stemen       7:00-9:30pm   
Chem260 Irene Amalaraj       8:00-10:00pm  
Chem320 Delaney Collier       7:00-8:30pm  7:00-8:30pm
Chem320 Ethan Zaleski   7:00-9:00pm      

Computer Science

ClassGuide NameMTWThSUN
CSC121 Minh Tran   8:00-10:00pm     8:00-10:00pm
CSC121 Kanyanat (Noinah) Sunchatavirul   8:00-10:00pm    8:00-10:00pm  
CSC122 Truc Nguyen   8:30-10:00pm    7:30-10:00pm  
CSC122 Aimen Moten 7:00-10:00pm        
CSC231 Olivia Cornejo   7:30-9:30pm     7:30-9:30pm
CSC233 Aiden Gage     8:30-10:00pm     


GEOS205 Quincie Simmons         8:00-10:00pm


KINS255 Lauren Paque       7:00-8:30pm  7:00-9:00pm
KINS255 Nora Kirby 7:00-10:00pm (Zoom)        


ClassGuide NameMTWThSUN
Math141 Murtaza Hassan       7:00-9:00 pm  7:00-9:30pm
Math141 Xinqiao (Charlotte) Zhao    7:00-9:00pm      7:00-9:30pm
Math151 Thao Le    7:00-9:00pm    7:00-9:00pm  
Math151 Nghi Le   7:00-9:00pm   7:00-9:00pm  
Math151 Nguyet Le   7:00-9:00pm    7:00-9:00pm  
Math152 Alan Le   7:00-9:00pm    7:00-9:00pm  
Math152 Mai Le  7:00-9:00pm    7:00-9:00pm    
Math270 Phan Anh Nguyen    8:00-10:00pm    8:00-10:00pm  


ClassGuide NameMTWThSUN
Phys120 Isabella Zalewski   8:00-9:30 pm      8:00-9:30pm
Phys120 Quana Pham          
Phys130 Hiba Laghmari   9:00-11:00pm