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ARTS 198

Introductory Studio Arts Topics

Introductory level studio courses in specific media. Areas of study may include: A. Drawing, B. Painting, C. Ceramics, D. Sculpture, E. Photography, F. Video, G. Digital, H. Interdisciplinary Study. No prerequisite. Not offered Pass/Fail

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Arts and Humanities Varies according to topic offered 1/2 - 1 course

Spring Semester information

Meredith Brickell

198CA: IntroStudio:Slip Cast Ceramics

This studio art class will introduce students to ceramic slip casting methods. Assignments will invite students to explore issues such as originality, authorship, production, consumption, and recontextualization. Demonstrations will include mold making, slip casting, and ceramic decals. Students will develop their personal creative practice by identifying relevant questions, refining concepts and techniques, and applying critical thinking to individual and group work. No experience necessary.

Cynthia O'Dell

198EA: IntroStudio:Photography