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ARTS 298

Intermediate Studio Art Topics

Intermediate level studio art courses in specific media. Areas of study may include: A. Drawing, B. Painting, C. Ceramics, D. Sculpture, E. Photography, F. Video, G. Digital, H. Interdisciplinary Study. Prerequisite will vary. Not offered Pass/Fail

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Arts and Humanities Varies according to the topic offered. 1/2-1 course

Fall Semester information

Lindsay Garcia

298DA: IntermedStudio:Gendered Sculpture

This course explores the relationships between sculpture and identity, with an emphasis on how gender functions in contemporary society. Assignments in this course engage with issues of gender, sexuality, body politics, performance, archive building, collaboration, and social justice. Students will have the opportunity to learn techniques such as sewing and fabric arts, 3D printing, using the body as a sculptural tool, transforming a variety of found materials, and documenting their work online. Discussions, lectures, readings, experimental games, and in-class demonstrations will engage with non-traditional and feminist art practices, the history of feminist art, and theories of intersectionality. By the end of the term, students will acquire the skills to create and critique a wide range of artworks through social, cultural, political, and historical frameworks. This class does not require prior sculptural skills or topical knowledge.

Logan Dandridge

298GA: IntermedStudio:Digital

Lori Miles

298HA: IntermedStudio:Interdisciplinary:Fashion, Art, and Culture

Lori Miles

298HB: IntermedStudio:Recreating Artifacts

Lori Miles

298HC: IntermedStudio:Exploring Surface & Structure

Winter Term information

Lori Miles

298HA: IntermedStudio:Interdsc

Spring Semester information

Lori Miles

298HA: IntermedStudio:Interdisciplinary