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ARTS 373

Advanced Sculpture and Sustainability

This course explores sustainable art practices related to contemporary environmental and economic concerns. Various approaches to sustainability will be discussed and explored while developing artwork that addresses sustainability in both its construction and its content. Demonstrations provide the technical and material expertise necessary to complete related sculptural projects such as building an earthwork from natural materials, making a sculpture for $1.00, and altering/reclaiming found or salvaged objects. Discussions, readings and slide lectures will focus on examples of sustainable art practices through recent art history, with emphasis on conceptual, practical and visual concerns of making sculpture that is environmentally and economically responsible. In addition to completed projects, advanced students will be expected to lead an in-class demonstration on a material or technique they have mastered, complete a research paper on an environmental artist, and present their research in an oral presentation. Prerequisite: Introduction to Sculpture

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Arts and Humanities Introduction to Sculpture 1 course

Fall Semester information

Lori Miles

373A: Advanced Sculpture and Sustainability