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MSST 493

Museum Studies Capstone

This seminar course provides museum studies minors with an opportunity to synthesize material from previous museum studies courses, internships, and allied coursework by translating theory into practice. Students will first consider the history and ethics of museum practice through small-group discussions and advanced readings in museum theory, curatorial studies, and exhibition design. Then, under the collaborative guidance of art history faculty and the director and curator of galleries, students will co-curate a professional exhibition drawing from the DePauw University permanent art collection of 3,600 objects. Students will design the exhibition thesis and supporting subthemes, synthesize subject material, consider object relationships and layout, and install the final exhibition for public display. The capstone project will culminate in a public exhibition opening, complete with oral representations and tours led by students.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1/2 course

Spring Semester information

Pauline Ota

493A: Museum Studies Capstone