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ASIA 190


Topics in Asian Studies.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course

Spring Semester information

Sherry Mou

190A: Tps:Introduction to Taoism

What is Daoism or Dao? Let's explore this mystery together through a close reading of the Tao te ching (or Dao de jing, the classic of Daoism) and weekly taichi (taiji) exercise. Each week, we will read eight chapters of the Tao te ching in the context of its antiquity (around the 7th century BCE) and in its contemporary applications in politics, aesthetics, arts, gender relations, violence and peace, and power and authority. Particular attention will be paid to the philosophical and cultural issues that influenced not only Chinese but also many other Asian and Western cultures. The class will also learn and practice the basic 24-movement Taijiquan, literally Supreme Ultimate Boxing, an exercise, as a Taoist practicum.