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ASIA 290

Topics in Asian Studies

Usually a course on aspects of one of the societies and cultures studied in the Asian Studies program (India, China and Japan) or a comparative treatment of aspects of these cultures.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course

Spring Semester information

Andra Alvis

290A: Tps:Japanese Horror Films

Ghosts and demons and psychopaths--Oh my! Welcome to the world of classic Japanese horror... Each unit of the course focuses in depth on 1-2 seminal Japanese horror films from the last 60 years, films ranging from the cult classic Godzilla to the art house classic Onibaba. Taking these extraordinary and enjoyable films as our focus, we'll delve into the cultural, historical and social background of Japanese horror cinema: for example, "To what extent did J-Horror ghosts originate in pre-modern theater?" and "How did WW II affect representations of demons and hell?" At the same time, however, we won't neglect to explore the many intriguingly quirky byways of horror film in Japan. (Think: "What special effects technology works best when creating a 100-year-old-umbrella monster?") Class work will involve regular quizzes on films/readings, 3 unit exams and your final group projects--a 2-3 minute Japanese-style horror video.