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BIO 390


Selected topics in biology are offered. Prerequisite: one year of biology or permission of instructor.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
One year of biology or permission of instructor 1/2-1 course

Fall Semester information

Melissa Petreaca

390A: Tps:Sensory Signaling

Smell, sight, taste, touch, hearing--have you ever wondered how our cells respond to sensory stimuli in our environments and send this information to our brains? Odorants, tastants, mechanical forces, and light activate protein receptors on appropriate sensory cells, causing signaling that culminates in our perceptions of these stimuli. This "S" course involves student-led presentations and discussions of primary literature to explore the types of cell signaling caused by sensory stimuli. Prior experience in biology courses at the 200 level or higher is recommended for this course.

Sarah Lee

390B: Tps:Aquatic Ecology

Course explores the applied & basic aspects of fresh water ecosystems. From basic chemistry and properties. We will explore basic chemical properties as a backdrop to study species interaction common between ecology and eco system relationships in aquatic systems.
Includes substantial field work.

Pascal Lafontant

390C: Tps:Human Physiology

Spring Semester information

Kevin Kinney

390A: Tps:The Disordered Brain

This course will take a directed readings approach to understanding the functioning of the human brain (mostly) by understanding what happens in specific brain disorders. The readings will begin with three popular science books on the brain and what can go wrong. Students will then explore the literature behind some of these writings, to better understand at an anatomic, cellular, and molecular level what underlies the disordered brain. In terms of assignments, students in the course will be writing explanatory essays on the topics, geared for a non-specialist audience (in the style of the book authors) as well as giving short talks with similar guidelines.