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BUS 285

Social Media Analytics

This course focuses on the critical role of social media analytics in driving business analytics. Students will learn about the principles and practices of social media analytics and how to leverage social media data to inform business strategy and decision-making. The course will cover various topics, including data collection and analysis, social media platforms, and tools and techniques for social media analytics. Throughout the course, students will develop the skills to effectively communicate their findings to others and make data-driven recommendations for business analysis. They will also be exposed to case studies of businesses that have successfully used social media analytics to drive strategic planning and decision-making. Finally, they will be encouraged to think critically about the ethical and social implications of social media analytics in business analysis. Prerequisites: None.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Social Science None 1 course

Fall Semester information

Amy Eremionkhale,
Humberto Barreto

285A: Social Media Analytics