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CLST 183

Off-Campus Extended Studies Course

Winter or May Term off-campus study project on a theme related to classical studies.

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David Guinee,
Dorian Shager

183A: The Classical Tradition in Italy (off-campus)

During this course students will explore some of the most celebrated and significant monuments of ancient Romen culture and its tradition in Italy. We will begin our explorations with approximately a week in Rome, studying and exploring the Roman Fora, the Colosseum, the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica, and early Christian Churches. We will then explore the intercultural milieu of Southern Italy and the Bay of Naples before traveling into Tuscany to study Florence, Siena, and surrounding towns. The course will focus on the art, history, and politics of Italy and how they are shaped and defined by the country's relationship with Ancient Rome. Students will spend most days on guided site visits with the faculty and will be responsible for readings, directed journal entries, and site presentations.

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