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CLST 200

Topics in Classical Studies

Study of a specific topic in Mediterranean civilizations or literature. May be repeated for credit with different topics.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course

Fall Semester information

David Guinee

200A: Tps:Greek and Roman Law

This course examines the legal systems of ancient Athens and Rome in two major modules. In the first, when we explore the Athenian legal code, we will study examples of Greek forensic oratory -- speeches made for prosecution or defense in cases involving murder, battery, citizen status, and other issues -- to explore the way Athenian laws, courts and trials worked. In the second section of the course we will examine a particular part of the Roman legal code and how the Roman jurists explored the concept of wrongful damage to property.

Spring Semester information

Michael Seaman

200A: Tps:The Ancient World in Film

The course examines modern cinematic and television depictions of the ancient world. Our analysis will be limited to ancient Greece, Rome, and early Christianity. We will investigate why the ancient world has been such a popular setting for many modern movies and why some people, events, works of literature, and themes from the ancient world have been depicted more often than others. We will analyze the accuracy of such depictions and compare Hollywood's version of events with the evidence given by the ancient historical sources, while examining how and why modern filmmakers diverge from "true" history. Lastly, we attempt to discern how the accuracy or inaccuracy of cinematic and television depictions of the ancient world is significant for the way in which they constitute "dialogues" between past and present and therefore tell us as much about ourselves as about the ancients whom they purport to depict.