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CLST 310

Topics in Mediterranean Archaeology

A study of a specific topic in Mediterranean archaeology. Recent courses have treated such topics as Pompeii, the Archaeology of North Africa, and the Archaeology of Israel. May be repeated for credit with topic changes. Information on upcoming topics courses can be found on the department web page.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course

Fall Semester information

Rebecca Schindler

310A: Tps:Who Owns The Past?

This course examines the ethical and legal issues surrounding the ownership, preservation, and protection of the world's cultural heritage. As archaeology and anthropology, emerged as academic disciplines in the 19th century, we begin by examining the role that colonialism and imperialism have played in shaping our attitudes towards the ownership and preservation of cultural heritage around the globe. Today, many groups claim a stake in constructing the narrative of past populations: from governments and institutions, to descendant communities, archaeologists, and the general public. As cultural heritage is increasingly under threat from modern development, environmental degradation, illegal excavation, and military operations, this course examines the ethical responsibilities of those stakeholders.

Fall Semester information

Pedar Foss

310A: Tps: Archaeology of Ancient Britain