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COMM 184

On-Campus Extended Studies Course

An on-campus course offered during the Winter or May term. May be offered for .5 course credits or as a co-curricular (0 credit). Counts toward satisfying the Extended Studies requirement.

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Timothy Good

184A: DePauw Theatre SummerStage

This experimental course combines the talents of DPU Communication and Theatre faculty member Tim Good and Indianapolis-based professional theatre company NoExit Performance to produce a "summer theatre" production of Bad Wolf in DePauw's Nature Park. NoExit's Executive Director is Lukas Schooler '09. Bad Wolf is an original NoExit-devised work that has been twice produced to rave reviews. In this participatory piece, Little Red Riding Hood leads the audience through the "woods" (of the Nature Park) in pursuit of a flea-bag vigilante. Along the journey, the searchers encounter the Three Little Pigs, the Boy Who Cried Wolf, Peter (from Peter and The Wolf), Captain Hook (who knows Peter but not the right one), Little Red's Grandma and the Huntsman, Cinderella's Evil Stepsister (pursuing the wolf because wolf leather for shoes is "in"), and a lost and confused Prince Charming. Ultimately the shaggy thug is found, peace is restored to the fairytale world, and lo and behold, we discover that the Bad Wolf isn't bad, rather this "other" has been unjustly misunderstood and maligned. There are roles for all enrolled students as the script's design is purposefully malleable to allow for additional wolf vignettes, input from actors, and relevant political commentary. Crew positions are also available.