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COMM 291

Inquiries into Communication

Designated topics in communication and theatre are explored. May be repeated with different topics.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course

Fall Semester information

Caroline Good

291A: Tps:Costume Production and Design

The Magic Garment: Costume Design & Construction

This course focuses on costume design and construction for the stage from the playscript to production. Included in the course is the study of theatrical design elements, the costume design process and procedures, the evolution of period clothing, and basic costume construction. Students will analyze plays, design, sketch, and participate in the construction a period garment as part of their coursework.

James Paasche

291C: Tps:Documentary Film

This course is a critical examination of many facets of documentary cinema and its related forms. It will examine the history of documentary practice in the United States and around the world, focusing on filmmakers, films, institutions, and social movements important to this history. The course interrogates many of the issues (ethics, the influence of technology, politics, production and reception of "reality") pertinent to documentary practice. Students will learn how the historical features of one form, documentary film, can be seen in many other media forms (reality television, radio, and the Internet) and thus understand how a specific form becomes the template for media investigation in a much larger, cultural sense.

Leigh-Anne Goins

291D: Tps:(New) Media and Marginalized Bodies

Examines the representations of groups and bodies in media.