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COMM 315

Topics in Theatre History and Criticism

While refining students' analytical and interpretive skills, this course offers intensive examination of specific issues in theatre history and performance theory, often those at the center of current critical interest. Recent sections have focused on Women and Theatre, Gender and Theatre, and African-Atlantic Theatre. Repeatable for credit with different topics.

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1 course

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Timothy Good

315A: Tps:African Atlantic Theatre

The student will read major theoretical treatises by theater artists and scholars of Africa and the Atlantic diaspora. The student will prepare critical presentations and papers based on their research. In addition to studying scholars, artists and their work, the student must include critical analyses of live performances. The student will see live productions and write critical essays about them, as well as discussing live performance in class.

Specific cultures and performance traditions will be introduced through lecture and assigned readings in performance theory, cultural studies, and dramatic literature. These issues will be further investigated through small group discussion, critical essays, in-class writings, critical essays, and student presentations. Particular emphasis is paid to how theoretical application can deepen understanding of performance within culture and other (con) texts.

This course will introduce students to important theoretical applications of performance specific to issues of Africa and the Atlantic diaspora. At the end of the course, the student will be able to critically discuss issues involving performance theory, culture, civilization, politics, religion, faith, art forms, and dramatic literature.

Susan Anthony

315B: Tps:Gender and Theatre

Spring Semester information

Susan Anthony

315A: Tps: