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COMM 401

Special Topics in Communication

Recent topics have included Public Relations, Conflict Resolution, American Theatre and the Vietnam War, Human Communication Theory, American Film and Culture and Writing for Stage, Screen and TV. This course number may be repeated for credit with different topics.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1/2-1 course

Fall Semester information

Miranda Spivack

401A: Tps:Washington and the Grassroots: A post-election assessment

Following the historic 2016 presidential election, in which a political figure not unlike William Jennings Bryan played to populist discontent over the economy, jobs, religion and immigration, this course will take an investigative reporting approach to assess the impact of those promises on communities in the heartland. Derisively known by many coastal elites as "flyover country," communities in states such as Kansas and Indiana have shown their political muscle in helping to frame the election's outcome. Will the new administration make good on its promises to these voters? How will those promises - or changing views from Washington - affect communities and businesses, many of whom have relied on farm workers and other laborers, including immigrants, as well as highly educated foreign engineers, to help keep their businesses humming? We will engage with residents across the midwest to examine the impact of Washington's policies on schools, healthcare, social services and employment, with the potential for publication and broadcast in popular media.

Spring Semester information

Gigi Jennewein

401A: Spec.Tps:Shakespeare Festival

This course trains DePauw students to direct local middle and high school students in the mounting of fully staged 75-minute cutting of a Shakespeare play. Students spend the first four weeks in the classroom learning best practice techniques for directing a play, teaching Shakespeare, and working with youth. The remainder of the semester is spent at a participating Putnam County school leading the participants in creating their Shakespeare production while also delivering the physical, emotional and intellectual benefits that can be acquired through the experience of enacting Shakespeare's language. This course culminates in the Spring Spectacle of Shakespeare, a day-long festival at DePauw University's Moore Theatre (Green Center) comprised of performances of each participating school's play. DePauw's Shakespeare in the Schools program is inspired by and produced in association with Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA. The course requires a M/W/F 2:30-5:00 commitment to accommodate transportation and in-school rehearsals. It is repeatable for credit under different prefixes. See instructor for details and required SPAC.

Spring Semester information

Gigi Jennewein

401A: Tps:Shakespeare Spectacle in the Schools