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EDUC 390

Topics in Education Studies

Detailed study of theoretical and policy topics and issues related to education studies. May be repeated for credit with different topics. May not be taken pass/fail.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course

Spring Semester information

Derek Ford

390A: Tps:Education and Philosophy in the Post Truth Era

Rebecca Alexander

390B: Tps:Youth and Borders

This course immerses students in an exploration of core pedagogical concerns and possibilities raised by the US-Mexico and other borders. Focused on critical questions of mobility, difference, exclusion, production, reproduction and resistance, it pushes students to consider the relationship between nationalism, capitalism and education; center the praxis of migrants; and interrogate the epistemological and ontological bases of pedagogical practice.

Fall Semester information

Caitlin Howlett

390A: Tps:Ignorance and Imagination in Education

It is generally agreed upon that ignorance and imagination play central, albeit disparate, roles in education. On the one hand, ignorance is seen as an obstacle to be overcome in educative spaces, whereas, on the other hand, imagination is more ambiguous, sometimes something to cultivate, and, other times, something to move beyond, too. This course, however, will interrogate the relationship between these two aspects of education. We will begin the course by exploring epistemological ignorance, focusing on how ignorance operates actively in education to structure was is, is not, and even can be "known," and also to challenge the assumption that the so-called solution to ignorance is more knowledge. Here, we will spend time thinking critically about the nature of knowledge itself, wrestling with understanding how definitions of knowledge always have political implications, and then questioning what this means for education. In an effort to make space for new educational possibilities, we will spend the remainder of the semester exploring the importance of speculative and radical imagination in cultivating two aims of critical, social justice-oriented education: world-making and resistance. Each week, we will explore philosophical and theoretical texts, fiction, and speculative/science fiction, from across disciplines and mediums, to deepen our understanding of what solution imagination might itself provide to the seemingly ever-expanding dominance of ignorance in schools and in society.


390B: Tps:Reimagining Resistance: An Educational Experiment

Renaming buildings, removing statues, teach-ins, boycotts, walk-outs, "street academies," digitized public syllabi, student protests, university reparations projects, and inviting scholars "from the margins" in conversation with popularized "Western" texts are only a sample of the revolutionary educational responses to injustices and inequities around the globe. Students will explore and engage with creative and innovative practices of past and contemporary events that interrogate meanings of education, resistance and resilience within diverse global educational contexts, especially within higher education. In this course, the DePauw University campus will also provide students an ideal laboratory space to experiment with how their "local" education can be used to advance justice and equity within and beyond the four walls of a classroom and globally.