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ENG 183

Off-Campus Extended Studies Course

Winter or May Term off-campus course.

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Tiffany Hebb

183A: Enchanted Spaces: Children's Lit Sites in London/Paris (off-campus)

Much great literature is grounded in a sense of place. This is especially true of children's literature, for the settings of beloved children's classics reflect the construction of childhood itself as a place and space apart: a position of innocence, distinct from the world of adulthood, that can be protected or violated. Child characters fly from the nursery to Neverland and back again, fall down rabbit holes into Wonderland, roam the hallways of Hogwarts, explore the streets of Paris on foot or sail above them in a red balloon. These stories are thoroughly situated in distinctive locales, often inspired by the real-life experiences of their authors. This course will take students to literary sites in London, Oxford, and Paris to explore the relationship between classic children's texts and the locales in which they were created and from which they were inspired. We will play Poohsticks in the Hundred Acre Wood, follow the footsteps of Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell in Oxford, see the sites that shaped the writing and filming of Harry Potter, explore Madeline's Paris, and more.