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ENG 264

Women and Literature: Topics

Introduces students to the work of women writers and the importance of gender as a category of literary analysis. Issues covered may include: images of women in literature by women and men; impediments women writers have faced; women's writing in historical/social context; feminist literature; intersections of race, class and gender. May be repeated for credit with a different topic.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Arts and Humanities- or -Privilege, Power And Diversity 1 course

Fall Semester information

Deborah Geis

264A: Women & Lit:Topics:American Women Poets

"Word Warriors" is the title of a recent collection of works by contemporary American women poets, and that phrase aptly describes the ways that even in earlier decades, women writers have been fierce, independent, forceful and lyrical deployers of language. This course begins with writers from the mid-twentieth century, such as Sylvia Plath, explores the works of women poets whose words articulated the need for recognition and social change (such as Maya Angelou), and ends by focusing on postmodern/contemporary feminist hiphop and "slam" poetry. Students who take this course will be expected to participate actively in discussion.