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ENG 322

Creative Writing II: Nonfiction Topics

This course will explore a specific genre of nonfiction in depth. Class will operate as an advanced writing workshop that uses master works as models and inspiration. Offerings might include profiles, travel writing, personal essays, reviews, memoir, nature writing or literary nonfiction. Prerequisite: ENG 149.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
ENG 149 1 course

Fall Semester information

Samuel Autman

322A: Tps:Reading and Writing Queer Memoir

In our framework "Queer" serves as an umbrella term for sexual and gender minorities that are neither heterosexual or nor cisgender, and harkens back to its pejorative references from the 19th and 20th centuries. "Memoirs" are personal written narratives. In this class students will read queer texts from the 18th, 19th and 20th century with an eye on writing their own memoir essay. Participants need not identify as queer but should come with a hunger and openness to read and write in a nonfiction workshop context. Intro to Creative Writing or a demonstrated equivalent is required.