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ENG 332

Creative Writing II: Advanced Reporting Topics

An upper-level reporting class for students who have taken News Writing and Editing or have written for a student publication. Students will study specifics forms of journalistic writing. Offerings might include feature writing, profiles, investigative journalism, magazine feature writing, or reviews and criticism. Prerequisite: ENG 232 or permission of instructor.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
ENG 232 or permission of instructor 1 course

Spring Semester information

Deborah Douglas

332A: Tps:Solutions Journalism

Traditionally, in-depth stories about societal issues, such as joblessness, drug use, maternal and infant mortality, entrepreneurship, etc., focus on explaining the extent of a problem, who is most affected, what those effects are, and who or what caused the problem. These stories focus on "different sides" of an issue or describe approaches to solve social problems that are not validated by evidence or a track record as to their effectiveness. Solutions journalism stories, by contrast, offer carefully researched reporting focusing on successful responses to social problems. This approach requires and explains evidence supporting the effectiveness of a particular solution, going beyond simply reporting what advocates say about the approaches they're promoting. This is not "fluff" or mere "good news" reporting; it demands adherence to the highest standards of journalism. In this class, well will evaluate and critique a variety of news stories but also generate story ideas and discuss how to source them: Then we will report, write and be evaluated according to a pre-established rubric. Our goal is to structure stories effectively and make them as accurate and compelling as possible. Previous exposure to journalism basics is required for this class. This includes previously taking ENG 232, participation on The DePauw or permission from the instructor.