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ENG 349

Form and Genre

(Formerly ENG 152: Reading for Writers) This forms course asks Writing majors to read extensively in two genres in order to deepen their understanding of the craft of creative writing. Class discussion will focus on the decisions writers take in their particular genres to create certain effects. By focusing on how successful writing works, the course will examine the various tools available to the writer. We will, in effect, reverse engineer pieces of classic and contemporary literature to better understand how such writing is built. Students will take ENG 349 concurrently with their Creative Writing Workshops (ENG 301-343) and before Senior Seminar (ENG 412).

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Arts and Humanities 1 course

Fall Semester information

Samuel Autman

349A: Form and Genre: Prose and Screenwriting

Spring Semester information

Elizabeth Eslami

349A: Form and Genre: Fiction and Film