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ENG 391

Authors: Advanced Topics

In-depth study of one or more writers. Examples include Joyce, Morrison, Samuel Johnson, and Henry James.

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1 course

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Istvan Csicsery-Ronay

391A: Authors: Adv. Topics: Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was arguably the most influential literary figure in the in the 19th century West, and second only to Shakespeare in his historical influence in the Anglophone world. Dickens's novels are among the most popular, capacious, socially aware, and philosophically sophisticated works of modern literature. During Dickens's life they had the role of television, movies, and radio. We will read three of Dickens's most celebrated novels -- Great Expectations, Bleak House, and Our Mutual Friend --, looking at ways in which they engaged contemporary social problems, such as class conflict, gender politics, national consciousness, imperialism, and social morality, as well as how they constructed images of personal identity in society. We will read them closely and slowly, exploring Dickens's artistic language and design.

Spring Semester information

Karin Wimbley

391A: Tps:Baldwin and Lourde