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ENG 412

Seminar in Writing

This is an advanced creative writing workshop in which students design their own independent projects under the guidance of the instructor. Seminars generally explore a specific genre in depth. Prerequisite: senior classification and the successful completion of three courses in writing above the 100 level, two at the 300 level.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Senior classification and the successful completion of three courses in writing above the 100 level, two at the 300 level. 1 course

Fall Semester information

Elizabeth Eslami

412A: Seminar in Writing: Beginning a Novel, Story Collection, or Memoir

This is a seminar for students who want to begin (or continue) their first book-length project: a novel, short story collection, or memoir. Emphasis is on the early generation of a project that will evolve substantially beyond this course.

Here you will aim to build literary muscle, developing the strengths you already have and addressing those weak spots you've become so adept at concealing. You'll graph electrocardiograms charting character and plot development. What's rate of revelation of information, or R of R, and how is it measured? What is a "half-known world;" how do we create one, and why would we want to? Let's find out. We will read as writers, rigorously and deeply, as we analyze the novels, story collections, and essays that will form the basis of our discussion.

Students will be expected to generate new work on a weekly basis, share their work-in-progress, and receive feedback from the group. This is a process class. It is assumed that the work we are doing is early stage work. However, for the final project, students will create a substantially revised excerpt that should serve as a solid foundation for the book to come.

Spring Semester information

Samuel Autman

412A: Seminar: Researched Narratives: Nonfiction and Journalism

Students will be able to write various permutations of nonfiction, including memoir, essay forms and literary journalism. Researched-based short stories or novellas in the spirit of John Keene's Counternarratives are possible based on the topic and subject to approval. Research is key. Fiction students are welcome. We will start the semester with a series of readings and short writing assignments, exploring various forms of creative nonfiction, literary reportage, and fiction with an eye on exploring forms for the final projects which will range between 30 -75 pages. Every student will have include a note or bibliography quantifying research methods.

Gregory Schwipps

412B: Seminar: Creative Nonfiction and Fiction

Eugene Gloria

412C: Seminar: Poetry and Fiction

This capstone course will examine both fictive and poetic devices in writing original work either in poetry or fiction. A significant task of this seminar is to create a thematized body of work showcasing the student's attention to the art and craft of their chosen genre.

Spring Semester information

Joseph Heithaus

412A: Sem:

Lili Wright

412B: Sem: