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FILM 321

Advanced Topics in Cinema

A course on an advanced topic in film studies.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Arts and Humanities 1

Fall Semester information

Angela Flury

321A: Advanced Topics:Writing About Film

This course teaches you to write about film in both conventional and unconventional ways. As you move from writing film reviews to more experimental forms, you are at the same time studying cinema in all of its splendor and complexity, from the basics to more thematic, historical, and socio-political frameworks. The diverse group of films in this course aims to challenge your cinematic sensibilities and broaden your repertoire. Warren Buckland's concise little text book condenses film studies into an accessible general approach (introducing his readers to all the requisite terms); Corrigan's Guide teaches you the skills necessary to write critically in specific genres, and Robert Ray uses the avant-garde arts as model for more experimental ways of writing and thinking about the movies. By studying and practicing different forms of writing, your relationship to cinema and culture-at-large is bound to become more nuanced, expansive, and nimble.