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FILM 331

Advanced Topics in Digital Film Production

Advanced topics courses in the area of digital film production. Courses may include Intermediate Digital Filmmaking, Directing for the Camera, or Film Development as well as COMM 319, Writing for the Stage, Screen and TV, and ENG 342, Screenwriting Workshop. Some courses will require a prerequisite; prerequisite for Intermediate Digital Filmmaking: FILM 100, FILM 200, FILM 220, OR FILM 241 AND FILM 231 or its equivalent.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Arts and Humanities Depends on topic. 1 course

Fall Semester information

Ougie Pak

331A: Tps:Writing and Producing the Short Film

This course introduces students to the craft of narrative filmmaking with a focus on writing and directing. Through readings, lectures and in-class demonstrations, we will examine various filmmaking techniques such as screenwriting, casting, directing actors, blocking, coverage styles, lens selection, point of view, editing, and fundraising. Students will complete focused exercises to practice each filmmaking technique, and finally work in groups on creative short film projects of their own design.

Students will shoot on HD-DSLR cameras and edit their footage on Adobe Premiere. Prior experience with film/video production is helpful, but not absolutely necessary.

Spring Semester information

Ougie Pak

331A: AdvTps:Writing and Producing The Short Film