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FLME 429

Senior Capstone Project Prep (formerly FILM 429)

The two-semester Senior Capstone Experience is the culmination of the Film and Media Arts major in which students create a final project of significant length and complexity, spanning fall and spring semester of their senior year. Whether the final project is a scholarly thesis paper of significant length and scope or a creative/production-oriented venture (such as a feature-length screenplay, short film, or other moving-image media project), the capstone project requires extensive planning, organization, and dedication, along with the ability to meet deadlines and work closely with a faculty advisor/instructor. To this end, the Film and Media Arts Senior Project Prep (FLME 429) is a .25-credit fall prelude to the Film and Media arts Senior Seminar (FLME 430), in which students submit project proposals for approval, and then complete additional preparatory work, including research, outlining, and/or preliminary pre-production. This provides a solid base from which to begin the second, full (1) credit semester seminar.

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1/4 course

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Jordan Sjol

429A: Senior Capstone Project Prep