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GRMN 295

Topics in German Studies

Courses in specific topics, such as culture, literary movements or genres, linguistics or film. Taught in English. May be repeated for credit with a different topic.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course

Spring Semester information

Inge Aures

295A: Tps:Holocaust and Exile in Film (taught in English)

Films and images can have a powerful impact and shape the viewers' perspective of past (and current) events. This also holds true for films about the Holocaust--be they based on real or fictional events. In this course we will analyze a wide variety of films that center on life under the Nazis, the horrors of the concentration camps, resistance to the Nazis, the life of exiles who fled Nazi Germany, and how Germany and the Germans dealt with the legacy of the Holocaust. What do these films want to accomplish? What filmic devices do the film makers employ? What is the films' relation to reality? Can we rely on these images as a "truthful" depiction of the past? Are these "accurate" portrayals of life at that time, or do these films create a new reality? How do these films appeal to our emotions? What role does "art" play in these films? Does a film maker who produces a film about the Holocaust have a different responsibility than a film maker who chooses a different topic? Can the films help us to better understand this dark period in history or do they trivialize the experience of the victims?

This course satisfies the S-requirement.