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GRMN 412

Topics: German

Critical investigation of a subject, usually from one of the following areas: genre or motif study, comparative arts, recent writers and criticism, social background to literature, cultural studies, linguistics, contemporary theory. Prerequisite:Any 300-level German course or permission of instructor. May be repeated for credit with different topics.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Language Any 300-level German course or permission of instructor 1/2-1 course

Fall Semester information

Inge Aures

412A: Tps:Tor! Die Rolle von Fussball in der deutschen Kultur

In this course Fussball Kultur, we will read and analyze a variety of German texts (short newspaper articles, short stories, background information, etc.) and watch some German films that center on soccer culture (please note: the focus will be on soccer culture, not on the game of soccer itself). The goal of this course is to learn about German culture more generally and to improve our reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. We will take a closer look at the "world" of soccer--a sport played all around the world--and what role it plays in the lives of Germans from all walks of life.

We will try to answer the following questions: How did soccer come to Germany and what traditions have developed in regard to soccer in Germany? What role does soccer play as a mass and spectator sport in the lives of Germans? What is the influence of soccer on German culture? Could the enthusiasm for soccer be called "a lack of culture" on part of the soccer fans? How do victories and losses of the German national team impact the self-conception of Germans and the image other nations have of Germany and Germans? What role did soccer play in post-war Germany? How did soccer contribute to Germany's relation building efforts after the war?

At the end of the semester, we will have gained insight into German culture more generally and particularly into the importance of soccer (culture) in the everyday lives of Germans. Toooooor!