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HIST 197

First-Year Seminar

The first-year seminars focus on different historical topics, but all introduce students to the interdisciplinary nature of historical inquiry and include emphasis on discussion, writing and reading a variety of primary sources. Recent seminar topics include: Americans and War, Myth, Memory and History, Declarations of Independence, Rise and Fall of the Nuclear Family and (De)Constructing Race in the U.S. HIST 197 is open only to first-year students.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course

Fall Semester information

Julia Bruggemann

197A: FYS:Reading and Writing the Holocaust

Robert Dewey

197B: FYS:British Empire and Sport

Michael Seaman

197C: FYS:Italian Renaissance

Sarah Rowley

197D: FYS:America & Vietnam: History, Culture, Memory

Ayden Adler

197E: FYS:Get Some Culture!: Arts Patronage, History and Current Practice

Theresa Dazey

197F: FYS:On the Move: Migration and Culture

Fall Semester information

David Gellman

197A: FYS:Chicago Lives

Ryan Bean

197B: FYS:Myth and Conquest: Spain and the New World

Michael Seaman

197C: FYS:History of the Italian Renaissance