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HONR 300

Honor Scholar Area Seminar

A study of the historical and philosophical foundations of: A. the humanities; B. the sciences; and C. the social sciences. Each section of the seminar concentrates on an appropriate theme. Two sections are ordinarily taken during the sophomore year and one section during the junior year. May not be taken Pass/Fail.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course each semester

Fall Semester information

Sarah Gerkensmeyer

300AA: HoScho AH Sem: Creative Research: Writing the Unknown

Matthew Balensuela

300AB: HoScho AH Sem: How Music makes Meaning in History

Kevin Moore

300BA: HoScho NS Sem:Evolution and Human Nature

Alexander Komives

300BB: HoScho NS Sem: Where Are We--A Reflective Romp Through the History of Ideas on the Nature of Our Universe and Reality

Anthony Andersson

300CA: HoSchoSS Sem: History of Climate

James Wells

300CB: HoSchoSS Sem: Dig In!: Alternative Agriculture, Foodways, and Justice

Spring Semester information

Deborah Geis


Nicole Lobdell


Kevin Moore