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PE 044

LIFEFIT Extended Studies

A LIFEFIT course offered during the Winter or May term.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1/2 course

Winter Term information

Brandon Sieg

044A: Martial Arts Intensive: History, Culture, Tradition and Technique

Course Fees: $40
Prerequisites: None
Meeting Times: Lecture--9-noon MWF, Lab--1-3pm, MW & Saturday
Location: Lilly Center 2029, Mat Room

This class is a cross-disciplinary approach to learning about a variety of martial arts styles from around the world. The class will examine the diversity in biomechanical and philosophical theories found in different martial arts, and how the geography, history and culture from which the art originated also influenced its development. Discussion will also include current societal trends and debates that impact practitioners, such as sensationalist images from media, the role of combat sports, and self-defense considerations in today's litigious society. Students have a tremendous opportunity to sample several martial arts, and it may help to think of this course as a means to find which styles interest them the most or suit them the best. The overall objective of the course is to provide a useful, general knowledge of the martial arts while at the same time eliminating as many misconceptions as possible. The class will consist of a lecture portion to explain and compare/contrast the history, culture, traditions and technical approaches of various striking, grappling, or weapons based martial arts. The class will also have a 'lab' component where students will then learn the techniques of many of those martial arts first hand.