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PE 099

Varsity Athletics

A. Baseball, B. Mens Basketball, C. Womens Basketball, D. Mens Cross Country, E. Womens Cross Country, F. Field Hockey, G. Football, H. Mens Golf, I. Womens Golf, J. Mens Soccer, K. Womens Soccer, M. Softball, N. Mens Swimming, P. Womens Swimming, Q. Mens Tennis, R. Womens Tennis, S. Mens Track, U. Womens Track, V. Volleyball. Participation in a varsity sport earns one-quarter PE Activity credit (Group 6) per season. No academic credit is awarded toward the 31 courses required for graduation. A maximum of 1.0 course credit PE Activity, including participation in varsity sports, may be applied toward completion of Group 6.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
0 course credit