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MATH 490

Mathematics Topics

A. Actuarial Mathematics; B. Algebra; C. Analysis; D. Foundations of Mathematics; E. Geometry; F. Probability and Statistics; G. Applied Mathematics; H. Special Topics. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. May be repeated for credit with different topics.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Permission of instructor 1/2-1 course

Fall Semester information

Nachimuthu Manickam

490HA: Tps:Operations Research

Spring Semester information

Zhixin Wu

490AA: Tps:Applied Statistics and Optimization

Zhixin Wu

490AB: Tps:Applied Statistical Method

Ashley Puzzo

490DA: Tps:Foundations of Math:The Limits of Proof

The 20th Century bore witness to a host of dramatic intellectual developments: Einstein's Special and General Theories of Relativity, Watson & Crick's Double Helix, and the First and Second Theorems of Welfare Economics. Standing alongside these monuments are Kurt Godel's (1931) First and Second Incompleteness Theorems, which formally establish the limits of purely deductive reasoning.

In addition to having tremendous philosophical, mathematical, scientific, and humanistic interest, Godel's breakthrough represents the culmination of some two millennia's sustained effort from across the intellectual spectrum. In this course, we will explore both the historical aspects and deep philosophical aspects of Godel's unparalleled results. This is an exceedingly rare opportunity for undergraduates to learn material centered at the intersection of philosophy, mathematics, science, intellectual history, and human nature. Logic 251 is recommended, but not required. Please email me: ashleypuzzo@depauw.edu.