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MUS 183

Off Campus Extended Studies

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Winter Term information

Kristina Boerger

183A: Chamber Singers South Africa Tour (off-campus)

Our musical and cultural host-teachers of Village Harmony will set up a three-day rehearsal retreat near a nature reserve in the north (near Limpopo). Singers will rehearse in the mornings, take local excursions in the afternoons, and attend evening workshops on Black South African choral singing. These evening sessions will be taught by Black South African choral directors. These evening sessions will also feature presentations on South African music, languages, history, culture, and politics. The song study will include singing in various languages and will also incorporate the traditional dance movements proper to each song. These songs will be added to the Chamber Singers' concert program. After the retreat, Chamber Singers will take the program on tour, stopping along the Garden Route (driving through Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Durban) and ending in Cape Town. We will visit cultural and historical sites along the way and perform with many different types of South African choirs (e.g. university choirs, church choirs, children¿s choirs, township choirs). Our varying accommodations in our host cities will include home stays, retreat centers, and hotels.

Winter Term information

Orcenith Smith

183A: DePauw Chamber Symphony Concert Tour to Japan (off-campus)

The DePauw Chamber Symphony, the elite core of the DePauw University Orchestra, will travel to Japan for a concert performance tour. Of course, purposeful cultural initiatives and interactions will be an opportunity for the DePauw students in the ensemble. The Chamber Symphony, limited to students who have auditioned with Orchestra Director, Orcenith Smith, will rehearse on-campus for 5-7 days before departing to Tokyo and the subsequent concert cities. Prior to departure, we will have sessions related to culture, traditions, and other social aspects presented by Dr. Brockmann and others. Most of the concert repertoire will be rehearsed in first semester during regular University Orchestra rehearsal time. As in the past, we will not need to have extra scheduled rehearsals in first semester. Some of the music will be performed in first semester. A complete itinerary with concerts, sight-seeing, and free time is forthcoming! Students will be changed by a deeper understanding of the responsibilities that can come from performing intently for new audiences and the new knowledge of global citizenship from interacting with this different culture!

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