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MUS 184

On-Campus Extended Studies Course

An on-campus course offered during the Winter or May term. May be offered for .5 course credits or as a co-curricular (0 credit). Counts toward satisfying the Extended Studies requirement.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits

Winter Term information

Andre Campelo

184A: DePauw Opera

Course Time: TBA
Fees: None
Prerequisites: None

DePauw Opera is a Winter Term 2023 on-campus project. Auditions for the Opera project will be held in fall term near the end of September. Andre Campelo and Orcenith Smith will distribute September audition information in July to voice students. If you are interested in technical elements of production, please contact us. The first day of Winter Term 2023 will be for music rehearsals for individual students. Within a few days, individual rehearsals will give way to large segment run-throughs conducted by Prof. Smith. (Since auditions will be held in the fall term, memorization is expected in Winter Term.) Most of the remainder of Winter Term will be for staging rehearsals. Those will be structured to create the larger structure with the music, accompanied by DePauw's professional coaches/accompanists. The Winter Term project will end in full productions with scenery, costumes, and accompanied by an orchestra during the second week of spring term. For more information, contact Andre Campelo-- andrecampelo@depauw.edu and Orcenith Smith-- osmith@depauw.edu.

Ming-Hui Kuo,

184B: Asian Drumming Art and Culture

Course Time: TBA
Fees: approximately $220
Prerequisites: None

The course will survey the drumming and culture throughout different regions of Asia. The origin, modes of transmission, the cultural and historical context of drumming arts in China and Taiwan, Taiko (Japanese drums), Korean drum dance, Balinese Gamelan music and dance, Indian tabla music, and the modern performing art rooted in antiquity will all be discussed. In the Final week, the taiko workshop with a final informal presentation performance is required.