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MUS 184

On-Campus Extended Studies Course

An on-campus course offered during the Winter or May term. May be offered for .5 course credits or as a co-curricular (0 credit). Counts toward satisfying the Extended Studies requirement.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits

Winter Term information

Andre Campelo

184A: Spanish Diction for Singers

Course Time: TBA
Fees: None
Prerequisites: None

This course integrates a study of Spanish diction for singers with an introductory survey of repertoire for solo voice written in Spanish. It is designed for singers who wish to expand their repertoire beyond the traditional canon defined by the four major 'operatic languages' (Italian, French, German, English). In this integrated approach, the sonorous aspects of the song texts will be the departing point to more broader components involved in the preparation of a song for public performance: cultural context, musical milieu, and the place of selected composers in the history of vocal music. Students will be exposed to the various forms of solo song in the Iberian peninsula and Latin America, from its origins with the medieval cantigas through the exquisite art song repertoire of the 20th century, with a brief incursion into the Romantic Zarzuela repertoire. Students will have the opportunity to learn and perform songs by composers from Spain and Latin America. The workshop component of the course allows for immediate application of pronunciation rules for art songs in Spanish using both European and Latin-American variants. The course will culminate in a student performance of contrasting songs and/or Zarzuela arias.

Scotty Stepp

184B: Musical Instrument Repair and Adjustments

Course Time: TBA
Fees: $80
Prerequisites: None

The class will provide the student with a basic understanding of how instrument repair will impact them as teachers and professional musicians. A basic understanding of the music business with regard to repair contracts, instrument nomenclature, what to look for when purchasing new instruments, and repair techniques will be discussed. By the end of the course, the student will be able to determine if the instrument is working properly, and the proper course of action needed for repair. Most woodwind and brasswind instruments will be covered. Each student will become skilled with basic tools and comfortable working on musical instruments.