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MUS 300

Music and the Related Arts

Music and the Related Arts provides a theoretical and practical introduction to interdisciplinary work that integrates music with a range of other fine and performing arts disciplines. Students spend the first half of the semester learning about the intersection of music and other artistic disciplines, cross-disciplinary aesthetic and practical considerations, and models for interdisciplinary/collaborative creative process, as well as experiencing and analyzing a range of existing interdisciplinary works. In the second half of the semester, students will create and present their own interdisciplinary projects in small groups. This course will feature guest speakers from other Creative School departments and offer opportunities for off-campus field trips to experience interdisciplinary work in Indianapolis and surrounding counties. This course is open to all DePauw students (prerequisite: MUS 100 or MUS 140), and is required for the BMA in music.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
MUS 100 or MUS 140 1 course