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MUS 380

21CM Topics

Investigations of specialized, current approaches to music creation, presentation, and dissemination. These courses complement other courses offered in the 21CM curriculum.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits

Fall Semester information

Eric Schmidt

380A: 21CM Topics: Choral Arranging

This class will provide a framework for arranging for vocal ensembles. In contrast to composing music, arranging approaches writing from the perspective of creating a musical setting for an already existing piece of music. In a first step, we will briefly focus on gathering/reviewing different tools from music theory, musicianship and proper music notation (including the use of editing software). The majority of the class, students will apply these tools to evaluate existing arrangements and to create their own arrangements with a special focus on significant aspects of writing for the voice.

Janani Sridhar

380B: 21CM Topics: Music and Social Justice

The class will focus on music by composers from underrepresented communities, focusing on intersections of equity, racial and social justice, and identity. The students will design programs based on these parameters, and at the end of the course, there will be a concert showcasing their work throughout the semester.

Spring Semester information

Eliza Brown

380A: 21CM Topics: Composition

Eric Schmidt

380B: 21CM Topics: